Globe Valves DN10-65

Globe Valve V46.2 & V40.2




















The valves’ manufacture is based on the longtime experience, tradition and innovations in the world practice. Particular accent of our production are power forged closing valves with the follow data sheet:

High pressure forged globe valves (type V46.2 (Shut-off) and V40.2 (Regulating))


Diameter from DN10 to DN65

Working pressure from PN10 to PN42 MPa

Working temperature up to 600 deg.C


·         Materials: Forged carbon and alloy steel
·         8 Nominal diameters united in 4 sizes forgings
·         Seat - stellite
·         End connection according EN, DIN, ASTM, CSN, GOST
·         Monolithic stem made of special heat resistant steel (X22CrMoV12-1)
·         Head of stem: Hard facing stellite & Prepared under special angle
·         Bonnet from precision casting steel
·         Stem nut: iron aluminum bronze with hardness 120-140 HB, high temperature resistance

·         100% repair proficiency:

- Easy disassembly and assembly trough clamp connection unit
- Unnecessary to disassembly from pipe installation.
·         Bearing driven with dust protector
Documents to download Size Type
High pressure globe valves 898 Kb pdf